Lucite Bookcase

Bookcases and curio cabinets are great for storage and display, but there are a few things that you need to consider when filling these display pieces with your treasured books and collectibles.

First, size matters here. If you have a lot of space between the shelves allowing you to store taller books, make sure you take advantage of that space; don’t waste it by placing shorter books on the shelf. If you have a collection of smaller books you can stack books and use them as bookends for taller books. I would stack them with the bindings out, so you can read their titles; and put taller books upright in graduated heights from tallest to shortest or tallest in the center and tapering off to shortest on each end.

Add some of your objects d’ art among your books, like colorful vases, pots or figurines; this is especially effective if you have travel books and objects from the region the books depict. Inserting pictures, paintings and the like is also a good idea to add color and interest. These inserts will help with elevations of your display, for instance, a taller vase alongside a shorter sized grouping of books, or a short vase on top of a short stack of books next to a taller line up of books.


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