Design of the corner bookshelf

This is probably the most important aspect to consider when buying a new bookshelf. Even though it is placed at a corner, it should fit in with the rest of the home furniture’s design.

Choose a color that fits into your home theme to ensure that your new living room furniture does not stand out.

You should not restrict yourself to the traditional squares / rectangular design. You may even have a triangular design, placing the corner of the bookshelf into the wall.

Alternatively consider having a look at the round edge corner bookshelf. And example of the round corner bookshelf on the left.

Even though you are purchasing corner bookshelves, you do not have to place it at a corner in your room. You can locate it against any corner, as long as a right angle is formed. For instance, you can place it against your wardrobe as an extension to your wardrobe. Or place it against another bookshelf. Just ensure that the color and design of the wardrobe matches with your new corner bookcase.

One vital design factor to consider is your physical dimension. Ensure that there is sufficient place to place it. You certainly do not wish to change your entire home arrangement because of a bookshelf. Although it will be placed at a corner of your house or office, you do not want an oversize book shelf sticking out prominently like a sore thumb.

If you are placing it beside another cabinet, make sure that the height of the new corner book shelf is similar to the cabinet. You do not wish to have the cabinet dwarfing the corner bookcase and vice versa.

Bring out the designer spirit in you. You are only limited by your imagination


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