bookcase murphy bed

When you have overnight guests regularly, or if you have a tiny apartment or space that prevents you from using a traditional bed, you’ll want to consider a Murphy bed.

Now hold on a minute! Murphy bedrooms have changed – they’re not the same fold-up-into-the-wall beds you could remember from years ago.

Today there are many modern Murphy bed models to choose from. They can be unobtrusive, or they can make a statement in your decor. It’s completely your decision!

Most people consider a fold up understructure, or wall bed since it is also known, because of an absence of space, or because they don’t want to devote a complete room for guests who may visit only a few evenings a year. Did you know that the average American household has right away visitors 11 days every year? That’s certainly a good reason to consider sleeping accommodations that could be put out of the way during almost all of the season.

Modern fold up bedrooms are available now in many configurations, including two, full, queen and california king size models. Would you like to have your bed disappear as part of a wall of bookcases? Would you choose that your bed cover behind a fold-up desk or desk work area? Are you wanting it to look like a cabinet? You may also choose a special product that hides behind a bar. Some Murphy bed frames feature built-in storage so you can store bedroom pillows and bedding away until needed. Today’s wall bed frames can even be designed as bunk beds.


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