36 inch wide bookcase

Building a basic bookcase is a great DIY weekend project, that doesn’t require a lot of woodworking skills.

A bookcase is basically a large box with three sides. This can be built to match existing furniture, stained, painted, or left in the raw wood. The bookcase could be built-in many style including, rustic, contemporary, and modern this can be achieved in the final touches and color of the bookcase.

Tools that are need would be a saw, router, hammer, finish nails, glue, and final finish.

Figure out where your case will be used and how tall and wide, that you want to build it to fit.

Purchase the needed lumber; if you use wood you can buy a twelve inch board and use this will give you good depth for the shelves. Twelve inch boards are 11 ΒΌ” wide and this makes a good depth for the shelves. Plywood will work but you have to finish the edge of it with another thin board or some veneer to hide the layers.


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